Check This Out: Traveler IQ Challenge

Each week on Check This Out! readers are directed towards an amazing website. 

Traveler IQ Challenge is absolutely fantastic.  Users are presented with a map and are told to find a location (ex. Havana, Cuba).  Click on the map where you think the location is, but do it before time runs out.  Each round requires you to find something different (ex. capital cities, famous monuments, major cities, etc.).  Your accuracy and speed will determine how many points you earn and whether you can advance to the next round.

Users can even choose different challenges: World, USA, Africa, Asia, Flags of the World, etc.  At the moment, my favorite game to play is Photos of the World.  Based on a photograph, which sometimes includes a hint, try to click on its location in the world.  So what's your Traveler's IQ?

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