The Four Triangles of Wallis and Futuna

Once again we visit Wallis and Futuna.  Click here for the previous article.  This article focuses on the collectivity's flag and the three kingdoms that share power with the French government.
Flag of Wallis and Futuna.svg

Two Flags
Wallis and Futuna is a French collectivity situated in the Pacific Ocean.  This means that the islands' official flag is the French Tricolour.  However, citizens often wave a second, de facto national flag. Still honoring their status within France's empire, the flag is emblazoned in the top left corner with the Tricolour.  Just off-center, the flag's four triangles are an homage to the island's current power-sharing.

Three Kingdoms
Wallis Island is entirely under the Uvea Royal District's jurisdiction. (The island's traditional name is Uvea.)  The western portion of Futuna is administered by Sigave royalty.  The eastern portion of Futuna, as well as the largely uninhabited Alofi island, are under the rule of the Alo (Tu'a) kingdom. 

Four Triangles
Three of the four triangles obviously represent Wallis and Futuna's traditional three kingdoms.  The fourth triangle?  It represents French administration.  All of the triangles are the same size and are positioned so it appears they are coming together.  Though some might construe waving a second flag as protesting the first. for the citizens of Wallis and Futuna is it used as a way to further unite.

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