Renaming Mauritius

Situated in the Indian Ocean's Mascarene Islands, Mauritius has undergone a few names changes. Each time control of the island shifted from one nation to another, it was rebranded under a new identity.

Though they never settled Mauritius, Arabic sailors bestowed a few different names on the island; Dina Margabin, Dina Robin, Dina Arobi/Harab. The names can be translated, among others, as Square Isle, Desert Isle, or Abandoned Isle.

Kyrgyzstan's Culture-Packed Flag

Kyrgyzstan's flag is a great representation of the nation's culture and history and begins with the country's legendary hero, Manas.

Sun Rays
Forty yellow rays swirl around the center of Kyrgyzstan's flag. Contrasted against a vibrant red field, the rays symbolize the forty tribes unified under Manas.  The red field represents the red banner Manas carried into battle.

Uzbekistan's Stellar Flag

On September 1, 1991, Uzbekistan declared its freedom from the Soviet Union - a full three months before the USSR collapsed. The newly independent nation then became the first Central Asian country to absolve itself of the old Soviet symbols and adopted a new flag.

Beards, Washington, and Renaming Jamestown: A Few Facts about Barbados

Barbados Map

Barbados Fig Tree
Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands and was first discovered by Europeans during Portuguese explorer Pedro a Campos's 1536 voyage to Brazil. The locale's fig trees sprout numerous ariel roots, whose dangling appearance reminded the explorers of beards and thus inspired the island's name, "Barbados" (the Bearded Ones.)

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Check This Out: Beach Boy's Kokomo Map

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I wanna take ya to...mel_curlin's Kokomo map.  Every place in the hit Beach Boys' song is mapped.  Scroll down the site's menu to see each location and a short description.

You can even play the video at the beginning to envelope yourself in the song's world. 

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Check This Out: Anthropomorphic Landscapes

Public Domain Review has curated another great collection - this on titled, The Art of Hidden Faces: Anthropomorphic Landscapes.  This eye-catching collection features faces "hidden" in the landscapes.
From Public Domain Review: A painting attributed to Matthäus Merian the Elder (1593-1650), a Swiss artist who spent most of his career in Frankfurt – Source.

From Public Domain Review: Anthropomorphic landscape by Johann Martin Will — Source.
Some of the images are humorous.  Some are slightly disturbing.  All are interesting. Check them out here.

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