Trivia: Island Names (Remodeled Feature)

Each week readers can test their geography chops by answering a few questions. This will replace the 5 Questions Quiz, (Sometimes there needs to be more questions and sometimes there needs to be fewer.) In today's trivia, find out how well you know the origins of three different island names.

1. Which of the following islands is named after a poisonous tree that is used to catch fish?
A) Uvea
B) Futuna
C) Tonga

2. Which of the following islands is named for the date of its discovery?
A) St. Vincent
B) Cuba
C) Antigua

3. Which of the following islands is named after a religious icon located in a church?
A) Futuna
B) Antigua
C) Barbados

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  1. B: Futuna is named after the futu tree, which is also known as the fish-poison tree.
  2. A: St. Vincent was named by Christopher Columbus when he first discovered the island during the Feast of St. Vincent of Saragossa on January 22, 1498
  3. B: Columbus also named Antigua in honor of Santa Maria la Antigua, an icon of Saint Mary located in the Seville Cathedral.  (Columbus's tomb now rests on the Cathedral's grounds.)
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