Kyrgyzstan's Culture-Packed Flag

Kyrgyzstan's flag is a great representation of the nation's culture and history and begins with the country's legendary hero, Manas.

Sun Rays
Forty yellow rays swirl around the center of Kyrgyzstan's flag. Contrasted against a vibrant red field, the rays symbolize the forty tribes unified under Manas.  The red field represents the red banner Manas carried into battle.

The Tent
The center of Kyrgyzstan's flag features a yellow disk crossed by multiple red stripes.  The unique pattern displays one of Central Asia's foremost traits - a yurt. The nomadic cultures that roamed the region's great steppes and plains relied on these large mobile tents to follow their herd's seasonal migration patterns.

Combining past legends and focusing on a shared culture, Kyrgyzstan's flag promotes unity at every opportunity. The image of the yurt evokes unified families and unified tribes, as well as the pasts' unity with nation's present day nomadic peoples. Just as the legend of Manas serves as the backdrop of Kyrgyzstan's history, so does his red banner serve as the flag's backdrop. And the golden rays dancing in the center of the flag encourage its modern-day citizens to reflect on the nation's strength when all of its people are united.

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