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Any idea what the following image is?
Is it a country? a body of water? What if you were given choices?

Is it...
a) The Black Sea
b) Lake Victoria
c) China
d) Australia
e) Antarctica

Maps can provide information in ways that can be underappreciated. A typical map instantly shows a size comparison between places, distinguishes between nations and bodies of water, shows viewers one place's location in relation to another, and displays these places with their northern regions on top of the map.

But what if all of those advantages were taken away? Could you still label the following places? 

The image above is mainland Australia. Taken away from their surroundings, locations can become much harder to label. Also, the above image is "upside-down" because the southern portion was placed at the top.  Look at the north-side-up image below and see if Australia looks more familiar.
Let's try another image:
Is the above location...
a) The Black Sea
b) Russia
c) Antarctica
d) The Dead Sea
e) China

Scroll below for the answer.

It is mainland China turned sideways. Below is a more traditional view:

It is amazing how much maps can spoil us. Even those who can easily point out China or Australia on a globe likely had at least a little trouble identifying them. As they say, context is everything.

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