Where is the Equator?

Where on Earth is the equator? If given a blank world map, could you draw a line that closely followed the equator? Let's find out.


Let's start with Africa first. Look at the image above. Where do you think the equator belongs? Africa is a large continent so let's add some choices. 

Did your imaginary line come close to any of the four above? Which one do you think is closest to the equator?

If you chose C, you were correct.

Next, we journey to Central & South America

Take a look at the above image and once again draw an imaginary equator. Is it close to any of the choices below?

Which line is closest to your imaginary line?

If your line was closest to C, you nailed it.

One last test.

Asia is obviously the largest continent. The whole continent doesn't even fit in this image. Let's draw one last imaginary equator and see how close we can get. Is your line close to any of the lines below?

Was your line closest to A, B, C, or D? 

If it was closest to D, you got it!

Were you able to get close on all three? Congrats if you were. That shows some pretty skillful mental map skills. For those of you who weren't as skillful or as good at guessing, don't sweat it.  Identifying what we don't know is often the biggest key to learning.

Thanks for reading!

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