New Articles and Some Personal Notes

I want to first thank everyone who has read and discussed these articles over the past half year.  It has been really fun to research all of this information (Yes, I'm a nerd.) and share it with so many different people in so many different countries.  The initial response has been greater than I ever anticipated.  While the majority of readers live in the U.S., hundreds of people from Germany, Brazil, Israel, Russia, and many other countries have read and shared previous articles.  Thank you all so much and rest assured more articles are coming (starting tomorrow).

As far as the last two months go, I forced myself to take some time away from the website to get some new projects started (more about those in the future) and also because my work schedule picked up tremendously.  For those of you unfamiliar, I teach high school history classes and for the first time in about six years, I am teaching U.S. History.  This means that most of the time I would have used for researching articles has instead been dedicated to making new notes, questions, test, presentations, etc.  My students have to come first.  I have also been dedicating time to preparing for next semester's AP World History Class.  The test format has changed significantly and that has required a large reworking of my current materials.  Yadda, yadda, yadda, I just haven't had the time to dedicate to creating quality content on this site and if I feel the quality isn't there, I am not going to publish just for the sake of doing so.  

All of that being said, new articles are on the way.  I just can't guarantee how many will be published each month. To make sure you know when each new article drops, sign up for email notifications, follow on Twitter, or like our Facebook page.  

Thanks for being a reader!

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