Chocolate Hills: Delicious Name, Dueling Giants, & Tragic Romance

Not Mounds of Chocolate
Bohol, Philippines is covered in over 1200 rolling, grass covered hills.  Visit the region during the dry season and the vibrant green grass transforms into brownish hues - giving the hills a "chocolate" appearance.  If the lack of real chocolate is a colossal disappointment, perhaps stories of the hills' giant creators will provide some snickers.

One Chocolate Hills' origin stories is that of two former friends engaged in combat.  The two were giants and during the scuffle they began heaving large boulders at one another.  The exhausting battle wore on until the titans could fight no more.  Both realized their friendship was more important and put aside their differences.  The giants left the battlefield and over the ages dirt, grass, and trees covered the stones.

Tragic Love
Another origin story is filled with love and sadness.  Arogo, a young giant, fell in love with a beautiful, mortal woman named Aloya.  Their love was strong, but many years later nature took its course and Aloya died of old age. Filled with grief, Arogo cried over one thousand tears and the tears turned to stone - a lasting memorial to his beloved. And that is sadder than the hills not actually being made of chocolate.

Click here for some beautiful images of Bohol and the Chocolate Hills.

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