Trivia: Deserts

1. What is the largest desert in the world?
A) Sahara
B) Antarctica
C) Arabian

2. What percentage of the Sahara desert is comprised of sandy dunes?
A) <30%
B) about 60%
C) >90%

3. In what continent is the Gobi desert found?
A) Europe
B) Africa
C) Asia

4. Outside of the polar regions, what desert is considered the driest on Earth?
A) Patagonian
B) Atacama
C) Sahara

5. The Door to Hell, which is a natural gas deposit that has been burning since the 1970s, is found in which desert?
A) Karakum
B) Atacama
C) Patagonian

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1. B) Antarctica, because it receives such little precipitation, is actually the largest desert in the world.     The Sahara is the largest "hot" desert in the world.
2. A) Most of the Sahara is gravely flat land.
3. C) Asia
4. B) The Atacama desert only receives about 1 mm of precipitation per year.
5. A) Karakum.  The "Door to Hell" was lit by Soviet engineers in 1971.

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