Trivia: African Lakes

1. What African lake, named after British royalty, is the largest lake in Africa, as well as the second-largest freshwater lake in the world?

2. What African lake forms the entire border between Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is also the longest and second-deepest lake in the world?

3. What African lake, also known as Lake Malawi and Lake Niassa, is the 3rd largest in Africa and 9th largest lake in the world?

4. This African lake was renamed Lake Idi Aman in the 1970s, after Ugandan dictator Idi Aman Dada.  After his rule ended in 1979, the lake's former name was restored.  What lake is it?

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1. Lake Victoria
2. Lake Tanganyika
3. Lake Nyasa
4. Lake Edward

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