Check This Out: The True Size (New Feature)

Let the Fun Begin 
I am excited to announce a new site feature, called Check This Out!. Each week readers will be introduced to a new website, blog, video, etc. that promises to entertain and educate.  Enjoy and...

Ever wonder how many countries could fit inside of another country or even an entire continent? Ever wonder how the size of Russia compares to the size of South America? Ever wanted to see what Australia would look like next to Europe? Check out   This site allows visitors to grab a country and drop it over another. It is hands down the best site for comparing the size of nations.  

While that feature alone is amazing, the site also shows the major distortions existing in the Mercator map projection. Use the site to create an overlay of Canada and drag it towards the equator.  IT SHRINKS!  All maps have distortions, but the Mercator projection's polar stretching makes locations in the upper latitudes look far larger than they really are.  

Play around with the website and come back and comment on what surprised you the most.  My favorite part so far has been making multiple overlays of Alaska (the largest U.S. state) and dragging them over other countries and continents. 

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