Where is South America?

Someone discusses the Americas and you instantly create a mental map of the two continents.  How accurate do you think your mental map really is? Are you picturing jagged coastlines? national borders?  Did you even put South America in the correct location? Try looking at the image below. North America has been sliced through at Mexico.  Central America is missing.  South America has been pushed further north to make it easier to compare.  

So which is correct? A or B?
It is A.  As seen in the Google Earth map below, most of South America extends east of North America.  
Locate the meridian (line of longitude) 80 degrees west.  Travel the meridian from north to south and discover that it resides on the extreme eastern portion of Florida and only barely crosses the western portions of Ecuador and Peru.  The rest of South America lies east of Florida.  The two continents could have just as easily been called East America and West America.

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