What to Expect

The Something Geography network was created to bring about a greater understanding and appreciation for all things geography.  Our network will be used on a number of platforms, with each providing a unique experience.  

On this site we will have weekly posts at least every Tuesday and Thursday with bonus posts throughout the week.  The posts will cover a variety of information sure to intrigue and provide knowledge.  We hope these posts serve as a starting point for you to interact with us in the comments section so we can all expand out knowledge.
But that's not all....
We also hope this network provides you with interesting and timely information to share with friends and colleagues.  After all, everyone knows the life of the party is the person sharing geography facts
 ; )

Every month we will publish a new video on our YouTube channel.  Expect everything from lighthearted fun facts to videos that allow you to gain a greater understanding to the ways geography shapes every aspect of life. Subscribe so you never miss out!

Our Facebook page will be used to provide shorter snippets of information along the same themes being discussed on this site, as well as some extra tidbits we find useful and interesting.

Our Twitter page, on top of keeping you updated to our latest news, will also provide alot of stand alone information.  Do you love quick blasts of information? Then you'll definitely want to follow us on Twitter!


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